Boudoir Session Info

WHAT TO BRING: I will provide suggestions, but first and foremost, you need to feel comfortable in what you bring to wear! I suggest bra, panties, and some little outfits look great too. I especially love white on white in my studio! It accents you and gives it such an elegant feel! 

NUDE BRA & PANTIES (to wear underneath of any of my outfits below)

BRA & PANTIES SET (white or black...see below to see the look of both) or LITTLE OUTFIT 

No need for shoes, unless you have something specific you really want with them. Most of the time barefoot looks best! 

TIPS: Don't wear any tight clothing 2-3 hours before your session to prevent lines on your skin.

Be sure to match and blend your makeup to prevent a line.


Scroll down for some other sample shots to show different styles! 

Some outfit options available in the studio
(to be paired with your own underwear)



Available for use in the studio. Looks great topless like pictured here, or with a nude colored bra. It doesn't look bad with white, but the nude really accents the lace.  



Available for use in the studio. Model here is wearing a light pink bra. I think this would look great with white as well. 



Available for use in the studio. This top looks good with a simple pair of panties (really any color...I think white looks best)



Available for use in the studio. Looks best with NUDE bra and panties underneath so you can see the lace. If you wear white, you can't see the lace at all in those areas. 


Other examples

I LOVE the white lace one-piece bathing suite-looking outfit! She brought that along with the dark green set. I loved how they turned out! I would just avoid NEON colors or hot pink, etc. It doesn't really flow with the look)


Another option you'll see is to bring a shirt that belongs to your significant other! I think plain white looks best for this.