Jericho & Canon: A New Love Story

Oh my. How do I write this without sobbing? Our fur babies are our real babies. My child's best friend in this entire world since birth was our Yorkie named Charlie. Charlie passed away in his sleep in the early hours of Christmas morning. This Mama was devastated, not only because I had lost my first child, but because I had no idea how to make Jericho understand. I said I didn't know if I could ever get another dog after Charlie passed, but literally the day after, I couldn't stand the silence in the house. My child was constantly looking for his best friend. I didn't care how soon it was. We had to have another companion to help soothe our hearts. Meet Canon (yes, like the camera). He is by no means a replacement for the family member we lost, but he is slowly helping us regain our happiness with his whimsical personality and his precious face. I only hope that Canon can become Jericho's very best friend in the years to come.