A Very Special Maternity Story: Summer | Mono/Di Twins | Mariah Springs Photography | Danville, Virginia Photographer

It was a Sunday. I had just come home from church and was stressing about who knows what—the laundry, work, my child, the dog. I never really check my inquiries on Sundays, but for some reason on this particular Sunday, I sat down at my computer to check them. It was then that I met Summer. It was then that I hung my head in tears and prayer for her, for our world, for all of the strong Mamas out there that I admire so much, and it was then that my troubles became nothing. I snapped into reality and was incredibly humbled, moved, and in awe of Summer and women who endure such tragedy.

There comes a time in a photographer’s career that the stress of scheduling, times, inquiries, wardrobe, and costs are thrown out the window. “When can you be here?” is all I needed to know.

On September 27, 2016, Summer and Josh found out they were expecting not one, but two babies! They soon learned that they were to have Mono/Di twins. Their doctor explained to them the risk of “Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome” (when one twin can take too much from the placenta leaving the other twin to slowly fight for the nutrients they need to grow). The doctor continued to explain how rare this is and the incredible unlikelihood of them having to go through this. After making it through the first huge first trimester milestone, their doctor explained that the chances of anything happening at this point were incredibly slim. Summer and Josh were so relieved and could finally relax and actually enjoy a little of this priceless and beautiful time in their lives.

Just a mere few weeks later, Summer and Josh found out they were being blessed with two little boys, Reid Allen and Owen Brooks. 

In the second week of December, they received the devastating and sudden news that they lost their sweet baby, Reid, to TTTS. 

In the midst of tragedy, God sent them some wonderful news, Owen was strong and well, but had milestones to reach to ensure his survival. Every battle in which the doctors challenged Owen, he overcame. He is a fighter! Summer is now 33 weeks, and Owen is doing well. Summer and Josh will know more about the health battles they will face once Owen makes his arrival alongside of his beautiful angel brother, Reid.

I have been thinking of Summer and Josh every day since hearing their story with thoughts of what they have already endured and what they will endured in the future months and years to come, thoughts of Summer and her experiences as a mother carrying her children within her every day, thoughts of Owen and his strength, and thoughts of Reid and the beautiful place he has now made in Heaven. Summer and I have no doubt but that this session, our meeting, her journey, was nothing less than God’s plan.

“When you moved, I felt squeezed with a wild infatuation and protectiveness. We are one. Nothing, not even death, can change that.” -Suzanne Finnamore